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Women of 217 Recovery

For some reason, I decided to look at the website traffic for 217 Recovery's website. It's been growing and I can honestly say it's doing amazing! Mostly, because of the great job Anna, Marney & J are doing with their blogs. Sure we hit the ground running with the podcasts, but the blogs seem to be a really big hit. I feel that when they're posting their honest emotions and feelings, I get drawn in by the vulnerability these great women are showing. It takes balls to let people in that close, the fear, the judgment, the uncertainty of not knowing how you'll like them or not like them based on what they're sharing from the heart, I know it's scary. What these women are doing can really help people in early recovery and those still in active addiction. Their words and honesty can help bridge the gap for someone who's on the fence about changing their lives. Being sober and in recovery to me is fun as hell and I wouldn't go back to the old life for anything. It took me four years of battling and fighting to get over the hump and finally give in, and know that I'm never going to drink again. Good luck to everyone who's wanting what we've found, it's out there, you just need to be willing to go out there and get it!

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