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Why Don't We Ever Blame The Devil When Bad Things Happen?

I found myself having to answer that question this week, and it frustrated me because where I grew up...almost everyone OVER blamed the devil for EVERYTHING. As I explain to you that I grew up in an environment where the modern church's toxic religious structure let people blame all of their poor behavior on this "devil" guy, pray a prayer, and move on. (typically not doing anything to change the patterns of behavior that started that whole scenario) I'll cap this publication off with why I do not blame Mr. devil for all of my woes and downfalls.

The problem with "blaming bad things on the devil" is that we, as humans, tend to stop taking responsibility for our sh!%ty actions. It's a scapegoat. And honestly...I feel like leaving this one right there. But, ya'll know I can't do that.

"THE DEVIL - Taking the blame for humans who won't own up to their own mistakes for centuries" -Unknown

It really depends on what belief system or religion you prescribe too. I personally think that maturity level, the presence of narcissism, and or possible personality disorders have something to do with trying to find a mythical horned man of mischief to take the fall for all of our poor decisions.

If you can sense a bit of saltiness in my words today...It's because I have dealt with something very similar since getting into recovery myself. I eventually realized that I was almost completely surrounded by hypocrites, people who have hidden behind the aforementioned religions and scapegoats their whole lives. There were an astounding number of people who were judging me for my obvious unmanageability while hiding theirs. These people DEMANDED I take responsibility for what I was going through while simultaneously scoffing off the blame for their, very similar issues, on other people. Some of these people still sit in their unmanageability. To this day.

Part of healing, progressing on life's journey, and recovery especially, is taking responsibility for your actions. It's in the steps, it's part of most counseling programs relating to the topic. If you're going to be successful in any kind of change or recovery, finding scapegoats whenever you make a poor decision isn't going to get you any sort of forward motion in the healing department.

That, everyone, is why I don't blame the devil when bad things happen to me.

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