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Who lit that fire?

For the past several days I've been feeling like a complete failure. I feel like I'm not accomplishing or finishing anything, instead just talking about it. I think it's driving my girlfriend nuts, it has to be. It's driving me nuts and I wasn't able to break this feeling until today. It's not completely broken, but I feel myself getting over the hump. Today I moved forward with a few projects but still wished I had done more. I feel I've let myself get relaxed, like I just like the sound of my own voice saying over and over what I'm going to do in the coming months. I don't know if meeting with Score of Petoskey on Zoom today started a better feeling for me, or if it was just having the time to sit and work on my daily list. I'll be the first to admit that my focus can be broken very easily and I seem to always want to do the "fun" tasks first. I must remember, no matter how interested I am of who just messaged me on Facebook, I can't look at it until I've scheduled that into my day. That may sound weird, but once I start down that rabbit hole, I'm there for more time than I'd like to admit. With that said, I voiced a PSA today and tomorrow I'll be sending it out to my radio contacts. I'll also start the FTP site tomorrow that I'll use to publish a weekly radio program/show that stations across the country can use for the community affairs programs or where their programming team seems fit. It's almost like someone lit a mini fire under me today, the lord knows I needed it.


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