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When Life Gives You Lemons

I understand this saying a little bit more today. I set goals for myself this week. I wanted to publish two podcasts and two blogs. This is me hitting one out of two of those goals.

Goals are like archery. You set a target, you have a plan on what you want to accomplish...hitting that target with an arrow using a bow. There are some goals you don't hit, even when you're trying. That can get sticky if they are work-related or goals we perceive as having to happen to live a successful life.

A wise man that I once worked for told me "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take". He followed it with something like- you might not always hit your goal, or maybe you set a goal too high to achieve. But if you don't make any goals, don't even try to hit a target, you're never going to hit anything. The bow and arrow hits nothing if you never pick it up.

"you might not always hit your goal, or maybe you set a goal too high to achieve."

I really don't like disappointing people who are aware of or helping guide the goals that I set. But I noticed this week, that even though I'm not hitting a bullseye on every goal set, I was able to do some incredible things in their place. I think that's where our Higher Power comes in. He loves it when we set goals, but He'll also always be there to guide us toward the ones that truly matter. We don't always see what's best for us right off the bat. Being the linear timeline perceiving individuals we are.

I was given the opportunity to help take videos of an awesome recovery event this week. I got to help someone get to treatment on my day off. I got to take time to "smell the roses" and pet some bumble day ever. I got to do things that really matter to someone somewhere even though they weren't on my goal list for the week.

I have gratitude that I get to be self-aware enough to enjoy these moments in my life today. Recovery has given me that. Enjoy your holiday weekend everyone. I love ya'll.


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