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What I meant to say was...

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

It seems lately I’ve found myself that when put in a position where I’m being asked what I think about something or even just to comment on what the latest movement has been, made by an individual in recovery, I’m left wondering if the words that I’ve said have been absorbed with the intentions that they were set out for.

Stupid texting.

In a perfect world, the only emojis set on my phone would be smiley faces, thumbs up, peace signs, and hearts. Recognizing that words ARE powerful, they irrevocably lack the elements of emotions necessary to truly say what it is you were setting out to say. Think of all the things you’re missing?

You are missing intonation, facial expression, softness or harshness of your voice, uncomfortable ...or comfortable pauses, an overall warmth... or lack thereof. Without these, I feel that often my message hasn’t been presented as I wanted it to. Of course, this is always after the fact, when that ‘up arrow’ was pressed way too anxiously than it should have been.

And I think we’re all guilty of it... I mean we have to be. Don’t tell me that you haven’t at some point sent a message or a post and then after the fact... maybe seconds, maybe hours... maybe days even where you say to yourself “dang, I really should have thought that one through.... and I hope he/she/they got what I meant by that."

But still it sits there.. living in that “cloud” where in this case truly is living up to its name. Hanging over and taunting you, leaving you thinking... “that conversation would have gone sooo much better with a good old fashioned phone call.”

And I’m not saying that our communication in this world hasn’t been made more efficient and effective.. of course it has. We have entered this whole new dimension where you no longer have to initiate passing along “what’s on your mind.” You just have to be ready for everybody and their mother to know it. (Literally, because you share with someone and they share with their friends, and they have their mother added as their friend.. well, you get my point.) Not to mention the ‘shared’ button or ‘tagged in’....because since Internet communication has become the norm, let’s face it. It makes billboards on the expressway seem like child’s play.

What I’m getting at is; talking about, sharing about, or giving advice about recovery and the disease of substance abuse is a sensitive topic, and I’ve found myself having to be more mindful and cautious when I’m trying to converse with another individual via new technology.

At the very least, I’m convinced there should at least be a warning label of some kind on Facebook saying "Do not operate when emotionally charged."


P.S I'm Grateful

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