Webster's defines vulnerable as "capable of being physically or emotionally wounded". While being physically wounded can happen at anytime to anyone, it's the emotional vulnerability that a person in recovery is especially easy to succumb to.

Everyday we are learning new things about ourselves and how to live a life of peace. Outside stimuli can make this especially rough. We have good days and bad days just like everyone else, but we have been wounded so deeply by what we put ourselves and others through that it takes a lot to open up.

Being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness. We may think this because it can leave us unguarded for more pain and suffering, which ultimately leads us back down a dark path we are trying to avoid. Having walls built up to protect ourselves is a normal reaction to early recovery. Finding an outlet is essential, most of us attend meetings for this purpose.

Sharing your thoughts and feelings with others can be intimidating. Trying to be open about your feelings with loved ones is tough, because you don't know how they will process what you are trying to say. We learn by going to meetings with people who are also in recovery and this makes us feel safe and understood.

Friends and family will worry about you everyday and that is understandable. What they want more than anything is for us to find that peace within ourselves and continue making the right decisions. If you are not comfortable sharing your thoughts and emotions, just check in with them from time to time to assure them you are ok. Eventually there will come a time where you are ready to share with family.

Stay Strong


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