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Affirming Others

Feeling appreciated is definitely something that contributes greatly to filling my love tank. Hearing the words as simple as “thank you” to a more serving, “I am so proud of you” are the words prominent and significant in my love language. Love language can be tricky, and no, it’s not isolated to your romantic partner. Being around those that see your strengths and struggles, yet choose to verbally affirm what you do well is definitely part of a healthy relationship or friendship. I love telling people in general nice things and pointing out what I see good in them, I feel it truly comes naturally to me. Looking back, I can identify others who would use sarcasm or passive aggressive digs then laugh and say I’m just joking! Or make fun of others and expect me to be ok with it. I wasn’t, ever, however would just shrug it off knowing it was wrong. As I’ve grown older, I’d like to think I’ve grown wiser; more importantly with that fog lifted of addiction. I’ve grown stronger and most definitely not shy or hesitant to stand up for what I believe in. Almost two weeks ago to the day, I resigned from my position at work based on this very topic more or less. Don’t get me wrong, I truly miss my work and my personal objective and battle to help save lives and help the broken discover their inner strengths and desires to change. However, between the my personal and professional endeavors still going on (because this woman has A LOT more going for her than just that job) I am continuously learning, growing, building, and evolving with the grace of God and strength he grants me daily. I know my worth, and if I lose sight of it, my wife and friends quickly remind me of that and more.

1.) Knowing my worth

2.) Doing what’s right

3.) Pursuing happiness

4.) Freedom from the obsession

5.) Friends that are more like family

6.) Projects

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne

9.) Jamie, my supportive wife

10.) Family

Knowing what you want in life and actually doing it are very different things; I strongly suggest surrounding yourself with those that inspire and believe in you who also are pursuing the best version of their own. Yours truly,


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