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Truly Blessed

Sometimes I take my wife’s form of love for granted, or just her in general. The dependency I had with alcohol is in a whole unearthly category all of its own and the entitlement that came with it was completely and utterly repulsive. There was a time I’d throw an all out tantrum for a bottle or money for one when I was in the depths of my addiction; that’s a place I will NEVER return. What I’m getting at is whenI feel my wife is “mommy-ing” me, she’s not. She’s loving me. When I stop and think of all the lengths this woman has gone to, to make sure I was fed, got to work, slept ok, and down to being stocked up with my favorite lipgloss. I surely am one blessed woman, in every aspect possible. I struggle with insecurities and self worth, however when I’m thinking rationally; her love is not one I question and I thank my lucky stars.

1.) Just because

2.) The little things

3.) 3 am “yuv you’s”

4.) Snuggles

5.) Clear minded thinking

6.) Choices

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne

9.) Jamie, my veeautiful wife (yes I meant to spell it that way!)

10.) Family

My birthday is in 3 days and also my mother, stepdad, and nephew will be arriving. I cannot wait to just enjoy them and not be worried about anyone smelling vodka on my breath, running out of booze, or lying to my wife about where I’m going or what I spent 15.64 on (a bottle) Have a blessed and safe 4th!

Yours truly,


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