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Treat Yourself Like Someone You Love

What would you do if you seen me crying? Would you ask if I’m ok? How would you feel if a child fell and scraped their knee? What if this was your child, niece, nephew, friend, even stranger? It’s so easy to treat others we care about with compassion and kindness; understandable when someone else is going through a hard time. But why not you, do you grant yourself any grace? Do I grant myself the same grace I tell you that you deserve? The answer, for the most part is no; we live these lives and for the lost part, completely accept our brothers and sisters with every crack and crevice their weary bodies show up at the doors of detox. Wrap them in blankets of empathic words without judgement and listen to their tragic stories as our own heart ache for their internal pains of loss, tragedy and devastation. Or, some unfortunate individuals who pretend misfortune has never crossed their paths; judge and project that self hatred and loathing for individuals who wronged them onto people not deserving. Either way, why don’t we, or why is it so difficult to start within; to treat yourself, myself, ourselves...like someone we love?

1.) Self discovery

2.) Grace

3.) Tolerance

4.) Doing something for someone without expectations

5.) Patience

6.) Saying no and accepting that it is a full sentence

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne ❤️

9.) My wife, she amazes me daily 💗

10.) My family

Being kind to yourself is like any behavior that is foreign to us, it is going to take practice, patience, and repetition; however well deserving. So stop comparing yourself to others, we take our worst up to their best and that’s not fair, nor is it realistic. Stop being your own worst enemy, and start being your biggest supporter, advocate, and friend. Treat yourself, like someone you love today 🥰

Also, welcome to the team J, I look forward to working with you again! I love you, appreciate you, and know you will be a powerful addition. 😘

Yours truly,


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