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To Move or To Climb? That is the Question

Updated: May 4, 2020

Addiction; cloaked as pride’s platinum platform, at first. You once made me indescribably witty and wise, taller than almost all. (could be the simple fact I’m 5’11) The false sense of invincibility, feeling smarter, stronger, braver; a superior dancer (😳), enchantingly beautiful, charming and witty if you will, oh, you cunning and baffling elixir you. Each swallow removed my fears and shame to act on my closeted feelings that troubled my mind when I sobered. Irresistible, as those servants to your substance hung on my every words; displayed me as desirable to most, until more was my last standing conquest, that would never be obtained. We started out a casual encounter, until my complete attention and loyalty clenched painstakingly in the firm grasp of your glass bottle. Every warm embrace; your pungent juices burned my constitution and wrapped me in your translucent cloak of security yet again, removing all doubt and fear. Until I willingly signed my soul over to your claim; written in my very own intoxicated and deluded blood. Steeper and steeper your demands grew; quickly the alluring platform once structured of precious metals, revealing true form of descent to satan’s chambers, killing every ounce of laughter, life, and love embedded in my heart and soul.

1.) Climbing out of the trenches, once intended my fateful grace

2.) That life changing bus ride that lead me to sobriety, January 19th, 2019

3.) Blind faith

4.) Surrender (not today satan)

5.) Sunshine

6.) My daughter’s laughter

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne

9.) Jamie, my wife

10.) My family

Addiction, to me, the devil in truest form. And by the divine powers that be; was I able to escape the fatal embrace and searing chains that captivated my every being. No longer a prisoner to that obsession, I made a choice to stop trying to move that mountain and eventually see ”the drink’s” insidious hold once had, and never give that power to anyone or anything but God himself again. Like changing direction and defying gravity, driven solely on blind faith, I began the victorious climb I know today as best version of self, completely sober and back to sanity.

Yours truly,


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