• Anna

The Miracles

There are moments in life that at the time, we have no clue how impacting they are and will be for our entirety. Moments that cannot be altered or changed, no matter how much time is spent replaying, rewriting, or feeling overwhelming emotions about them. Instances we tell ourselves I will respond better and not react, maybe if I approach things from a different angle or try altering tiny pieces to have a better outcome. Fact: there is no changing the past, we’ve all made mistakes that stick with us to a certain degree whether an alcohol or drug problem be a factor, and the best solution is the take away; what did you learn? Every person, moment, location has a purpose in our lives. Look for the lesson, the blessing, and if you genuinely search deeper. You’ll find both.

1.) Hard work

2.) That reward after the hard work (and no, it doesn’t come instantly all the time)

3.) The patience you finally applied

4.) God’s grace

5.) The moment you realize just how precious life is

6.) Brushing my daughter hair after a shower and reading bedtime stories with her

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne, my favorite human

9.) Jamie Lynn, my second favorite human

10.) The family that doesn’t just love me, but let’s me know through consistency; words and action

This past week I was able to go downstate and spend two nights and days with my little girl, my first time traveling alone since getting sober. I spent over 10 hrs with her consecutively. That was a first as well, and getting to do all the precious actions to show my daughter I love her and I’d been fantasizing about for almost two years. This trip definitely did not go as planned due to very unfortunate circumstances, however I know I grew more than I ever expected in that 48 hours. What do they say? Wait for the miracle to happen?? Miracles happen every day, our lives are touched so delicately by our maker with each and every move whether it be good or bad, he already knows the outcome. And if no one has told you they love you today, I love you.

Yours truly,


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