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The Journey

One day you wake up, and maybe you’re not where you had planned to be as a child at this stage in your life. But I hope you’re able to look back to where you were a couple years ago, and acknowledge that your growth is comparable to moving mountains. And sure, there will always be things to complain about; but do you ever stop and notice the miracles in life that happen everyday right in front of your eyes, to you, and to those around you? I know I don’t, I take way too many things for granted daily. I so often forget how horrid life had become in the depths of my downfall, and I so quickly come to expect way too much from the ones I love. My last blog I talked a lot about expectations, and how they lead to resentments. My biggest character defect: unrealistic expectations. And I don’t know where it’s worse, the expectations of others or of myself. I once was a very successful young woman and prior to that child, excelling at all I did whether it be school, sports, social affairs, you name it. It came easy, almost too easy. I didn’t value or appreciate anything, even more so I didn’t value or appreciate myself. So maybe those mountains that stood in the way and seemed so absolutely impossible to move in the past, maybe it’s because you were never meant to move them in the first place. Sometimes we take for granted as I was saying, all the love, rewards, and grace laid at our feet because it doesn’t come in the exact form we think we need or want. Just like those impossibly heavy mountains, that we were too stubborn to realize we were intended to climb.

1.) Patience, God helps me with this one daily

2.) Understanding

3.) Grace

4.) Forgiveness (God so lovingly grants us both 3 and 4, if he is the all mighty love all and knows all, maybe we should follow suit eh?)

5.) Support (stop being stubborn, we all need it)

6.) Compassion

7.) Unconditional love (anything else is settling)

8.) Elise Corinne ❤️🌟 (my shining star)

9.) Jamie, my wife. I don’t know how she does it.

10.) Self awareness (so under acknowledged or appreciated)

Life is a journey, I believe we all have this idea of a destination and that takes front seat over all. Enjoy each and every mile, and if you don’t like where you are today; continue. Each day, a gift. Every encounter, has purpose. Every disappointment or sadness, a lesson to be learned. Basically what I’m getting at is please don’t take life for granted; you’ll end up 37, living 5 hours from the most important human that will ever cross your path and probably punish yourself and those who choose to be in your life today; daily. And I’ve got a lot of work, trust me I know! Sometimes I wish I could focus on all the good more than the time I spend focusing on each and every time I let her down. I’m trying, and I don’t think you all know how much this blog means to me and helps me process my feelings, so thank you. And, if no one has told you they love you today, I love you.

Yours truly,


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