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The Four S’s

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I talk about balance a lot, and when I worked at a treatment center running groups, balance was a key component; as it is a key component in my life and my well being. Without balance we are all just broken, vertiginous wanderers, unable to walk the straight and narrow lines necessary to achieve our goals and best versions of selves. It’s kind of like an avid fitness enthusiast, imagine if this individual had a rigorous weights routine, but wait.  ONLY exercised one side of their body.  Or a boat that is meant to be propelled with two oars, and only had the one.  It would be a lot of energy and effort just to have an uneven outcome, and in some cases, chase circles until the frustration takes ahold of you, allowing negativity to prevail.

I call it the 4 S’s, sanity, serenity, sobriety, and spirituality; I won’t go too in depth in each, as they are their own topics alone! 

Sanity, we all have negative thinking, it’s part of the way our human brains operate. Keeping those in check, having someone to talk to with devout honesty and without fear of judgement, and knowing your limits.

Serenity, one’s inner peace. Comfortable in your own skin, not allowing others to control how you feel, and feeling confident and proud of one’s own actions and decisions.

Sobriety, abstinence of course from mind altering substances, however it’s much more than that. So whatever it is you need to do, whether it’s go to daily meetings, volunteer, write, draw; basically whatever keeps you going and not seeking unhealthy fillers of time and companionship.

Spirituality, I know this word turns a lot of people off, however, it does not mean religion. Spirituality is connection, finding value in experiences verses expenses, prioritizing quality verses quantity, and enjoying/surrounding yourself with those who give and receive love without conditions and don’t ask you to compromise your standards, ethics, or morals.

Now please, these are my definitions, not Webster’s; these are what I feel to be my truth and my need to be aligned and balanced. 

  1. A sense of belonging

  2. Eyes, that allow me to see the world

  3. Good strong coffee

  4. The beauty that is Mother Nature

  5. Perseverance 

  6. Wishing on a falling star

  7. Unconditional love

  8. Elise Corinne, most definitely my life’s masterpiece

  9. Jamie, my confidante, companion, bestfriend, lover, and partner in crime

  10. Real friends, the ones that don’t ask for acknowledgement.

Finding your balance takes some more of that stuff I like to talk about, hard work. Only you will know what you need to feel level and steady, stable, and symmetrical. And, if no one has told you that they love you today...I love you

Yours truly,


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