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Thanks A Lot Corvid

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

I think I mentioned getting covid again(a third time, seriously??) in my last blog. Hello again, by the way. It's been a busy few days. Wait, we talked yesterday? Seems like so long ago. I want to start out today with, like I haven't had this up for two hours wondering what to talk with ya'll about while working on other projects, thanking you for reading yesterday. I came on here to ramble some shenaniganery and got a bigger response from you than I ever could have hoped for. Thank you so much! Aaand now that you've rewarded this behavior... I feel less responsible for what I unleash here moving forward.. Not really. But if I WAS maniacally laughing right now.. You'd. Never. Know. ;)

Moving on. I think I want to talk about birds today. And not the fact that my son thinks all birds are government surveillance devices(those are obviously just the pigeons) or the strange way Australians say the word. Buur..burrr..burrds. It's weird man. But I'm going more personal with my bird talk today. Tonight actually. I keep getting distracted. But before you get all "What-do-birds-have-to-do-with-a-recovery-blog" on me.. This is my blog, and sometimes you're just going to get some downloads out of the mind of a man that's living his life in this beautiful thing I like to call long-term recovery. It gets wild in this brain sometimes man, and I'm really doing this because it's something that helps me with my recovery. So there's your connection. Honestly, it's probably not that wild(weird might be the better "w" word for it), but it feels like it to me. A few years ago this brain basically only thought about how it was going to get its next fix or deceive people into leaving me and my disorder be(so I could get my next fix). So now it's pretty fun to me that I have a little extra brain power these days to think about something fun. Like...birds lol(they're fun to me, and, I'm going to need your help by the end of this). Hey, you're the one, still, choosing to read on at this point so here we go.

I've always enjoyed a bit of amateur bird-watching, and tree-hugging (that'll be the next blog... maybe). But birds seem to be a common theme in my life right now. What's it mean? Probably nothing, but from putting together an entire business plan to own and operate a poultry farm, with no more than three different branches of my family tree(all at once over my covid weekend). To have that interesting government-robot-spy-bird talk with my son this morning, on our way to school this morning. Then realizing through the day that I am now(after about a week of interactions), confidently, close friends with a young, male, Common Grackle(pretty little blackish bird).


More on him in a moment. I then talk with my brother. He, and his wife, got some quail recently. Which is super cool, they're cute little guys(and gals), already laying eggs, and they've already eaten one. I'll let you decide if it was a bird or an egg...only they know which came to the dinner plate first. I'm not telling. You can't make me. Oh! and I thought it was interesting that I chose the woodpecker picture completely at random yesterday as the blog preview. I really was just going for chaos with that whole post and BAM! Birds.

Anyways, I am basically just venting after a busy day and decided that my noticing of the strange bird theme my life is taking on was what I wanted to grasp onto.

Here's a 180-degree turn I can't get out of my head(but still going with our theme. Yep, it's ours now. You're just as much a part of all this as I am good friends with my lil' Grackle buddy). He, by the way, visits me a few times a day at the front door/window of the lobby where I work. We chat, he doesn't talk much, but he does check in on me every now and then. For those of you that don't know, Grackles are about the size of a Robin. They look like cute little Crows, but their feathers shine green, purple, and blue in the sunshine. He's a curious little guy, comes right up to the glass when he stops by. Since he resembles a small, yet fashionably forward, Crow imagine my surprise when I learned that Crows and Ravens come from a species family called Corvids. Hey! I just had Covid...I know there's an extra letter in there, but if my new friend comes from that bird family AND I had just been sick with... maybe my son's government bird conspiracy is on to something here... I may need to stock up on tin-foil hats. Turns out my buddy comes from the Icteridae family. I may be safe, from big brother watching, for another day..

All I can say at this point is that if ya'll made it this far into my rantings for the day, thank you. Sincerely, from the bottom..back.. I feel like the top of my heart is the most appropriate place to thank someone from. That also sounds like the start of a completely new rant..(blog, I'm being told they're blogs even though I'm ranting X'D) and it's getting late. So thank you for hanging out. Get some rest. I hope to see you some of you at the grand opening tomorrow and I really hope that, through this obvious madness, I have entertained at least somebody with this. If just one of you, I am successful. It's night for me, so good night. Oh! and I'd like to give my Grackle buddy a human name(this is the part I need your help with), so please contact me with some good suggestions. I'll take bad ones too.


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