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I spoke about this in the White Knuckling It podcast. People will say they won't use around you but they will. When I got out of jail I found myself in this situation. My friend said they wouldn't use but they did after about twenty minutes down the road.

I went and did my shopping but had them drop me off as soon as I was in a safe place. I asked my brother to give me a ride back to my moms but he wouldn't. So I walked five miles to my mom's house.

The time I spent walking back to my moms house I was really upset with myself. I went through a bunch of emotions. I went from being pissed to being happy that I wasn't in jail anymore. The fact that I gotten myself out of a bad situation.

The next morning my mom was happy to find me on her couch. When I woke up I finished packing for treatment. That was the day I made the best choice in my life. That day I will never forget.


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