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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Man does not die from the storm itself; he dies from his incapacity to comprehend what the storm means. If you were to look at each day like the weather, I believe it’s about equally predicted. Whether you are in the middle of a tropical storm or a drought, there’s different clothes, shoes, tools, and shelter we can use to defend ourselves. Emotionally unfortunately you can’t just “buy” a complete understanding of feelings, others and especially your own. I’m a feelings person, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I feel deeply, deeper than most of I’m being honest. I used to be completely and utterly overwhelmed when waking into a room of people, especially if the occasion was heightened by the content of gathering, i.e. funeral, someone sick, wedding, etc. It’s taken some serious maturing, growth, healing, and desires to change and truly understand myself and my feelings before I even came close to being in a position to help others process and better understand themselves, their pasts, and their true emotions being felt. Still a work in progress, but sure am working towards being a better version of it.

1.) Indescribable emotions

2.) Actually feeling, everything

3.) Patience

4.) Understanding

5.) Being understood

6.) Stolen kisses in the night

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne

9.) Jamie, my beautiful and sensational wife

10.) Family

I’m not saying I’m some emotional guru, I just know what I know and know others trust me with their thoughts, fears, emotions, and feelings. I love helping others and need to remind myself I need and deserve the same patience and grace.

Yours truly,


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