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Start by doing nothing

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

That‘s the advice I have for someone who’s been back and forth to treatment and who keeps switching their drug of choice. Trying to replace one with another didn’t work for me or anyone I know personally. Putting myself in the same situations with no light at the end of the tunnel also took its toll on me. So, why not head in a different direction? Why not try to surrender and say goodbye to drugs? Why is it so hard to imagine a life without drugs? I’ve learned that’s where the difference between your brain and your soul come into play. Your brain wants you to feel great at all costs with zero disregard for your soul. Your brain wants the quick fix and the reward that makes it clear we’re animals. Our soul is what will keep us sober and is who we really are, our soul defines us. So, why not try that approach? Start by not using any drug (not talking about anti-depressants) for a few months. You’ll find the natural high you get from life is actually more rewarding and your soul will retrain your brain to become a much more productive friend.

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