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Speaking the Same Love Language

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

There are 5 languages of love; Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and

  1. Physical Touch. Each of these are the ways someone wants to receive love. This means from all people they love and adore, not just romantically.  However, from their partner this is needed the most.  I am primarily physical touch, followed by words of affirmation, with a close 3rd of quality time.  I used to say, "play with my hair and tell me I'm pretty", jokingly.  But I truly meant it, whether I was aware at the time or not.  My wife on the other, acts of service and gift giving and receiving.  She LOVES to shower me with gifts, if I even mention I like or want something; BOOM.  I have it in every color if possible, which is nice, don't get me wrong, however all I really want is to be loved and adored.  She holds value in acts of service as well, and I will do these things to make life easier.  But again, my endless rubbing, kisses, snuggles, even 9 loads of laundry aren't her so desired perfectly clean kitchen and bathroom which is her #1 focus when it comes to a kept house. I had a friend who is also a therapist sit me down and explain it like this, "it's like actually speaking two different languages, no matter how much you say I love you, I adore you, it is not comprehensible until you learn the language she speaks and understands. And from my view the outside looking in, I've never seen someone so loved and adored as you are by your wife. I've also never seen the way someone's face lights up, when she walks into the room, or when you talk about her."

  2. 1.) Understanding

  3. 2.) The rational words of friends

  4. 3.) Kisses and nuggles

  5. 4.) That feeling in my tummy when her hand finds mine

  6. 5.) When she lets me be the little spoon, knowing it makes her feel like a backpack, but she does it anyway because she loves me

  7. 6.) That frozen coffee with extra shots she's bringing me in the morning, thanks baby

  8. 7.) Unconditional love

  9. 8.) Elise Corinne 💖💖

  10. 9.) My beautiful wife 10.) My mother, and the way she accepts me and just wants me healthy and happy. When my friend said this to me, my heart sank with guilt, and it soared with the reality that this woman completely, undyingly, and wholeheartedly loves me without conditions.  And once we both stop focusing on what we don't have and focus on all the beautiful adoration in the forms we speak fluently, and take the time to learn each other's languages, my love tank overflowing with love, was once and for all on full. Yours truly,


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