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Sic Transit Gloria

"Opinion is the wilderness between knowledge and ignorance." - Plato

The horrible events in Israel have altered my gratitude list. I am now so very grateful that I don't (for the moment) have to worry about being bombed or shot at. A positive attribute of living in the safety bubble of Northern Michigan is that I can afford to be objective. I can figuratively put myself in the shoes of either side from the safety of my armchair and deduce a rational, informed opinion that holds court with my convictions. 'You know nothing Jon Snow', is my final answer. Fact is, it's impossible to understand what life is like in that region. Millenia of war and I have no hands on experience with the Jewish or Palestinian struggle. All I can do is listen.

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Corey Winfield
Corey Winfield
11 de out. de 2023
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