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Set Your Soul On Fire

Small attainable goals are wonderful and something I strongly recommend to set in early recovery. Breaking things down makes thing easier and more rewarding and will lead you towards your greater accomplishments you have set for yourself. Sitting around and waiting for things to happen however, usually turns unhealthy; for me anyways. When I sit in a feeling, and don’t get me wrong, taking the time to process verses the old impulsive way is not what I’m referring to. However, when you sit and start to day dream without putting it into action or any work. They’re exactly that, daydreams. I remember when I was actively drinking, I was either in the devil’s alcohol induced trance not remembering a thing, passed out from the gluttonous indulgence of alcohol, or living in a fantasy world that would never come to be. Today I find myself treading lightly with putting all my eggs in one basket and which basket I even fathom entertaining, and wonder if I subconsciously am in pursuit of self vindication in fact I know I am. However when I give myself credit, I’m finally practicing rational thinking and strategically making choices to better my life.

1.) Birthdy cake

2.) Family visits

3.) Rational thinking

4.) Prom poses with my nephew

5.) Action

6.) Knowing “No” is a complete sentence

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne

9.) My wife

10.) Supportive family and friends

Finding purpose and pursuing happiness to better yourself, your family, and your life is truly rewarding. I hope everyone finds their purpose, what they are passionate about and make the decision today to set their hearts free and their souls on fire🔥

Yours truly,


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