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Self Condensation

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Being able to truly forgive oneself and be freed from the bondage of guilt and shame is something I have not been able to master. I definitely do better today when it comes to the torture of replaying isolated incidents, especially when it comes to my daughter. I suppose not until I truly got sober and have had to watch someone I love completely punish themselves with things that cannot be corrected and focus on the things that stem from the true issues did I completely understand the imperatives of complete condensation.

1.) Forgiveness

2.) Understanding

3.) Interdependence

4.) Patience

5.) Helping others

6.) Genuine acts of kindness

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne, I am so proud of you 💗💗

9.) My wife and her dedication to her education ❤️

10.) My mother

Letting go and completely giving things to God have been a struggle for most people and myself. However when I have, nothing but growth, love, and change have occurred. Nothing like I had planned, but beautiful blessings all the same.

Yours truly,


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