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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

If you didn't yell the title in your head, you missed the mark.. Hello again, it feels like we just talked. I have something special for today, we're experimenting(mischievous giggling). Settle down, it's going to be a lot more tame than where your head just went. But! Before we start, I wanted to thank my homie in Negaunee Michigan for the name suggestions my little bird friend and I are looking for. One question though(lookin' at you Negaunee). If we go with "Eduardo", can I call him Eddy for short? Keep me posted, I'll be looking for your feedback. ;)

Back on track here. Ah, our experiment. I wanted to try to stay...uh, cutting edge? So, today I'm starting the blog in the morning. I'm going to let the day play out, as days tend to do, and I'll be in and out writing as the day goes. I'm interested to see if I'm as full of pis..uhm..what else goes with vinegar? I'll work on my idioms if you work on staying entertained as our experiment plays out. I am interested to see if I'm as sharp or energetic later as I am bright and squirrely in the morning. So here we go, I've already been pulled away from writing this a few times, which having that happen with previous blogs is where this idea was actually born. So I'd say we're off to a smashing start. I have a few clerical tasks to attend to today so we'll see how this goes.

What should we have for lunch today? It's about that time now. I had a joke to tell you guys, but I completely forgot it before I got back. My son would say you're better off that I forgot, what does he know? Other than his dad way too well..

It feels kind of weird coming and going from here like this. Are you guys still good? I think this hour of the day is brought to you by the letter gratitude. Growing up that word just sort of meant being polite to me. I've come to realize that it's a MUCH bigger thing. Life-altering, energy-transforming, good vs evil kind of thing. I think we'll do a blog on it(solely) and how it's affected my life/my understanding of what it is. At least what it fully means to me. In the meantime, do your homework, find a way to be more grateful for something, someone, or anything and everything. Start today, or tomorrow, either way, do it consistently for a while so you can actually tell if it affects anything. I think, you'll be surprised. Start small and work your way up if it's a new concept for you(no shame if it is, but I really would recommend it). When I get around to the gratitude blog, we can compare notes.

"find a way to be more grateful for something, someone, or anything and everything"

*Shameless plug opportunity* If this stuff interests you(gratitude and or transforming your life) I'd really recommend checking out our Gratitude Group on Wednesday nights. It's facilitated by Jere...wait, I don't have permission to mention personal Ah, here we go. It's put on by a guy I'll call.."Jerry Largerpole".. Identity -safe- :D Anyways, it's a great group. We always have really awesome discussions about things like gratitude, how we took steps to intentionally improve our lives and practical steps you can take down a similar road. I think you'd enjoy it, or at least know someone that would. As always, for more info or a list of our current meetings/groups, go to There's a schedule, an overview of the different groups, and ways you can attend(in person or on Zoom). I hear that the Saturday group is pretty lit. ;)

Crisis averted guys! I just came back to you, hit the wrong button, and thought I lost everything we've typed out today. D: That would have been an opportunity to exercise some gratitude, lol. I'm not going to lie, this all-day-popcorn-blogging is kind of weird. Let me know how this experiment works out on your side of things. I'm just over here trying to "keep things fresh" when I've barely waded into the blogging pool yet. That or it's still my first-week post covid brain going on and I'm losing it..more than I've already lost it. It is a more Friday-like Friday than most Fridays feel..Hmm..I think I'm just sifting through excuses till I can find a reason-shaped one(if it sounds like a reason and smells like a reason, am-I-right?) to fast-track bedtime. I shouldn't even get started with the B-word. Bedtime is my, ALL TIME, greatest fantasy these days, and I'm just talkin' good ol' fashion sleep. Warm blankies, fluffy pillows, the release of all worry about what's happening that day when you get to close your eyes and drift off to dreamland...I think I'm daydreaming about nightdreaming. I'll wrap this around to recovery real quick and say the things I daydreamed about before getting serious about being clean and sober..were a lot more one-track-mindedness, back then, and light years less pure than they are now. So leave my pillow fantasy alone. :P

Hey! Everyone! We did it! We got through the day together. You're finally free from the ramblings of a deteriorating-humored madman(who knew early onset dementia could be this fun?), and I can finally enact my pillow fantasy!(It's just early bedtime, people, calm your ti..ahem, calm idioms haven't improved much throughout the day..) With all this talk about experiments and early bedtime, you could say we had a sleep study in here today! Either way it all get's to come to an end, for today. Well, after I feed my feral teenager. But you guys don't have to stay to witness feeding time in the raptor pen..

This has been a, somewhat, fun experiment. I'll know by the likes if it was successful or not, lol. XD Ya'll have a good night and I'll talk to you next week, unless you're at the Spirit of Recovery meeting tomorrow..remember, you can zoom in from the website or app( ;) Thanks for hangin' out today.


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