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Runaway Entitlement

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Addiction and entitlement are a closely knitted pair. The slippery slope of justification for instant gratification slides headlong into the dark side.'I deserve that' (even when you know you didn't put in the work) or 'They owe me' (for what, exactly?) are simple streams of thought that manipulate our behavior and fuels the mental circus that's cueing up the the Big Top in our brains. Each step, lacking any personal responsibility, is like a high-wire act for the chaos addiction craves. 'What consequences?'. And, conversely, recovery itself can easily stoke the flames of entitlement. 'I'm putting in the work, where's my stuff'. It's the hard road, with little treasure, but putting in the effort, having empathy, and taking responsibility will always win the day. All is given, nothing taken, and everything earned.

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