Reality Bites

As I muddle my way through early recovery, I realize it is similar to being a toddler learning how to walk and talk. You have to relearn how to live life and function as a productive member of society. It can be frustrating at times filled with depression and anxiety but life works that way.

As an addict I know very well how to take "the easy" way out and escape back to the bottle. The process of recovery can be a bit intimidating especially in the early stages. The time you spend in treatment is the easiest part. However long you spent there the world keeps moving, you are the only thing that stopped. Yes, it can be tough but the real challenge begins as soon as you walk out the door into the real world.

Returning to your life post treatment is somewhat akin to your 1st day of school. Nervousness sets in pretty quickly, and you start to feel as though something is wrong. You want to return to the so called comfort of isolation but you know this is a mistake.

You really have to push yourself to get out into your new world and make the meaningful connections you have been missing. They can come from hobbies, nature, other people, etc... It doesn't matter what the connections are as long as you are actively pursuing them.

Keep moving forward, stop to smell the roses, and enjoy your new life. Reality Bites, but that doesn't mean you can't bite back.

Stay Strong You Got This!


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