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QR Codes And Song Lyrics

Updated: Mar 28

I listened to a song lyric last summer that resonated with me more than anything I had ever heard. "I'm an apostrophe, I'm just a symbol to remind you that there's more to see". The moment I heard this, I understood that's my life purpose. The author of that lyric presents it in a humble tone, which I enjoy. I was driving through the town I live in and the term "shadow work" had just recently entered my life. Some people may know this as emotional healing, energetic healing, or trauma healing. I had been digging into emotional damage I had picked up from a toxic relationship I was in during my time in early recovery. The ultimate goal at this time of my life was healing in every single way I possibly could.

I had already started working in the local recovery community because, at face value, I wanted to help people who were suffering the way I once had. I hadn't yet realized the purpose that was following me. I found a pathway out of that suffering and I wanted to be a lighthouse for people looking for the relief from addiction that I had found, against all odds. An analogy formed from how I use QR codes in the flyers I make here at 217 Recovery. It's a point of contact that gets you to a resource. I put these on the media I produce so people have an easy and direct path to either some sort of recovery media or to our meetings page so people easily access the schedule for the recovery groups that we offer here at the 217 Recovery Center. Using the QR Codes is quick, easy, and gets you directly to the related resource. No links, no typing, just BAM! Here's what ya need.

"Don't wanna be the parenthetical, hypothetical, Working onto something that I'm proud of, out of the box, An epoxy to the world and the vision we've lost" – Imagine Dragons

And that's it, right there, I get to hold that purpose. Finding a pathway to long-term recovery has given me the opportunity to be that for people. It's made me an apostrophe in society so people can tangibly see that it is possible to come back from near-fatal battles with Substance Use Disorder. So they can see that no matter how bad it gets, there's more to read in our story of life. For me, that comes with getting to be a QR Code for those seeking resources that can help them onto the path of their own recovery journey. I get to use my lived experience to be that quick link to the tools and resources needed to take their first steps toward a healthier well-being.

Getting people to and from resources, most notably treatment for SUD, is a massive part of what we do here at 217 Recovery, and today I have gratitude that my experience through suffering has guided me into the role I get to play here. Purpose and Hope follow closely around every single turn. Freedom from substance use disorder gave me this.

Until next time.

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