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I just can’t get over how so many people can walk around angry all the time. Maybe it’s the Election, Covid, or their star fantasy football player just had his ankle bone rip out the side of his shoe on National TV. Ok, the last one‘s for me, but still, taking a moment to calm yourself is so worth it.

In my active addiction days I would choose to drink everything away, yet my problems never went away and in fact continued to grow. As you may have noticed I used the word “choose” when I referred to drinking. In no means am I down playing the physical toll alcohol had on my body, I’m just now willing to step up and take full responsibility of my past, not wanting to regret it and not wanting to forget it.

When peckerheads come at you or spread lies and rumors about you, do your best to catch yourself and not react. Act... act in a way so you hold onto your dignity and

pride. You can have those things now when you’re in Recovery!

Definition of peckerhead in English: peckerhead Pronunciation /ˈpekərhed/ /ˈpɛkərhɛd/


vulgar slangNorth American

  • An aggressive, objectionable person.

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