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Oh, Ain't Life Grand.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Just a quick check-in tonight friends. I know the title sounds a tad sarcastic. But, we had the 217 Recovery Center's grand opening today, and it went awesome! I am personally exhausted and I feel like I barely did anything compared to some of the rockstars we have in here. But, I met some really cool people in all different stages of recovery. It was really cool to have all these people around at the same time. We had some good food, shout out to Corey and his brilliant fried chicken idea(again with this bird theme, it's getting out of We had some fun...fabulous posters ;) *cough* Justin.. Oh! Don't forget the cornhole. I found out though, after throwing only two bags and somehow getting one in the hole, that even though I haven't played cornhole since some time in my teenage years..That I am, basically, a cornhole god walking amongst you peasants. No need to compliment my humility.

Anyways, as I said, I am exhausted. So I will keep this brief, but I am rather sad about something this evening that I feel like I needed to talk with someone about. And you may be able to's my Grackle friend. Oh now don't tell me you don't was only yesterday. And I thought you guys were going to help me name him...Hmm. It's ok, I'm not angry, more.. disappointed. Where was I? Oh, well, all the people coming in and out of here today I think made it a bit too hectic for his tastes and he didn't come see me at all today. Low key kind of miss that guy. But there's always tomorrow.

And with that, I think I'm out for the night. We have the office, mostly, back in order and my Mom and Kiddo want to meet for dinner. Seriously though guys & gals, I need name ideas for my little bird friend. So I'm signing off after another day of having fun in recovery. I have an idea though..Hmm..I'm going to stir the pot slightly as I walk away this evening. I SERIOUSLY want to have a discussion about "Harm Reduction" with someone, anyone. I have some negative assumptions about the topic and I'd like to see if I'm close-minded, misinformed, or on to something. there are plenty of ways to contact me on there. Let's do this. G'nite ya'll.


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