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Nurses, Aides, Techs, Drs, and All Who Continue Yo Help Others Without Conditions.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I’d like to say thank you to all the medical workers that are performing their daily task and not batting an eye. I say daily task when most are exposing themselves to this virus that has taken the lives of so many, and doing so without proper protection. My wife and I are both fortunate to remain employed, full time, and without a pay cut. She is a nurse, a nurse in the ER at that. I told her a bit back that I had come to realize a lot of my loved ones are nurses, I suppose you could say I attract bad ass women. Joking, kind of, men are nurses too, techs, aides, regardless; I thank you for your services. God bless and protect you, your families you come home to, and your loved ones. Everyone for that matter that is out there ensuring the safety, helping others, packaging meals for those less fortunate, and much. More. Use your hand sanitizer, leave your coats and shoes outside, and pay attention to how much contact with your face (eyes, nose, and mouths specifically).

1.) A safe place to call home

2.) A choice, daily (lots of choices really

3.) The freedom from the bondage of self

4.) Real friends

5.) 3rd, 5th, and 13th chances

6.) A family and home to have Easter with

7.) Elise Corinne

8.) Jamie, my wife and personal RN

9.) Unconditional love

10.) My family

Not everybody celebrates Easter Sunday, believes the same beliefs, or has a family to do so with. Again choices, some sad, some bountiful, choices all the same. Choose love, and by love I mean love yourself, unconditionally.

Have a blessed night.

Yours truly,


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