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Now, it really begins for 217 Recovery

As I sit at my desk tonight and type this, it seems so unreal. The things I've been saying I'm going to do and the things 217 Recovery will be doing are coming to life. The real thanks goes to God and the path he had for me. It wasn't an easy road and at times it felt like I was going to give up. The conversation I had alone with God while I was in Berrien County Jail, when I asked God to please let that be the last drink I ever have, for him to show me the purpose he had for me. God came through, and this is just beginning.

Today I received a letter from the IRS Tax Exempt Division, which is a letter I've been waiting for but not expecting until the middle of next month. This letter was going to tell me one of two outcomes in regards to the 501c3 application I submitted back in January and that I've been working on for more than 9 months. The letter was going to say I didn't fill out the paperwork correctly and that I needed to redo the application along with paying another fee to file it again. OR, it was going to say what it did... Congratulations, 217 Recovery is now recognized as a tax exempt public charity. This will open so many doors for us, from funding, to being able to take donations from businesses, groups, individuals, hell even Facebook Birthdays can now having people selecting us as an option! Not sure when they'll have that updated but think of us when you're asked to raise money for a non-profit. The future is so bright and I hope this inspires you to go after your dreams, to search deep and find your purpose. Maybe a little prayer to your higher power could point you in the right direction.

1. Find the grant for Recovery Media and layout the first steps to submitting our application

2. Reach out to two other recovery podcasts and introduce ourselves

3. Car insurance for 217 Recovery Rides Donation Letter

4. Three Zoom meetings this week

5. Celebrate my 17 months on 5/15


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