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My Favorite Thing About Being Abducted... And Why It Was The Probing

In some circles, I'm known as Alien Adam. It's not because I'm an alien, seriously I'm not, but because I like to look for them. Often, I get asked, "What would you do if you actually do get abducted?". The truth is, I never really think about it. I feel like that's the same as saying "What are you going to do if the plane starts to go down?". My answer is, I have no idea and I'll just figure it out if it comes to that. I have to admit, I would be excited about some type of contact but really, I don't like the idea of being beamed up into a ship. The thing that makes me feel a little more comfortable with the idea of visiting the mother ship is the probing. Not that I want to go to that kind of party, but because probing in general just screams something us humans came up with to scare people. I just don't see aliens running around doing research in that way. Maybe I'm wrong. But that's why my favorite thing about abduction is the butt probes because it's a little ridiculous and I'm sure the ET's and I will have a good laugh about it sometime.

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Corey Winfield
Corey Winfield
Oct 05, 2023
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Oct 02, 2023
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