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Love Them Through It

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Trying to help someone who is in denial, minimizes and does not want to help themselves will drive you absolutely insane. Usually someone in this position will be downright cruel with words to push you away. I personally just experienced this with someone I care deeply about. And even though I know it’s her addiction speaking, it still hurts my heart. Even with the best of intentions; when this party is in denial with reservations, pride, anger, guilt, whatever; when someone does not want to truly get better, the dormant demon that drives his/her addiction rears it’s ugly head and reacts with harsh hurtful words of anger and defense to protects it’s evil opportunity to regain control of your loved one yet again. What do we do? What do I do in that moment? Let the person know you meant no harm and only care, take a step back, pray, and offer love and support from afar. I try to respond and not react, I try to not get angry or let it personally hurt me. This, yet again, is easier said than done. 1.) My personal freedom from the bondage and anger that once drove my every being

2.) Letting go of the things I cannot control

3.) Patience

4.) Perseverance

5.) Homeade cold brew frappes

6.) Nuggles and whispers of “I love you”

7.) Unconditional love ❤️

8.) Elise Corinne 💗💗

9.) My beautiful wife and all her sassiness

10.) Mom and Randy 💕💕

Sometimes what we want, hope, wish, and pray for others verses what they want consciously or subconsciously, are both very different. And no matter how much we care, love, and know what could very much so help them with their struggle; if they are not open to it. These ideas and words of love and encouragement will fall on deaf ears or even anger and push them towards the beast. It is best to leave it be and let them come to you. 💗❤️ Yours truly,


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