• Anna

Little Girls

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

To the little girls who hide their faces,

who needed loved, instead disgraces.

Deserving hugs, receiving hits, yearning for kisses, in places of kicks.

Infinite worth? I wish we knew,

the little girls? It’s me it’s you.

You are enough, you are admired.

Don’t self destruct, I know you’re tired.

Seek safe embraces, I know, it’s hard,

feel whole, be free, let down your guard.

The little girls, we hide within us,

You are worth loving, you are enough.

You deserve snuggles, you deserve the hugs,

You have a choice, besides the drugs.

Don’t choose the drink, that doesn’t help, embrace the beauty, within yourself.

My wish for you, feel loved feel whole,

Be freed, and know, you’re beautiful.

-Anna D

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