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Life’s Little Surprises

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

My sister rarely calls me, I truly don’t believe it’s because she doesn’t care like I used to. She just doesn’t really call a lot of people. (So she says lol). I got out of the shower and my wife told me sister messaged her, “is Anna with you?” So I checked my phone, 3 missed calls from Em. My heart sink immediately, and I called her, before she could talk asking if everything is ok. “I’m pregnant!”

So she will be 38 on the 19th and my nephew 11 in March. Definitely not planned but she’s married so I doubt protection at her age even a factor. I’m so excited!! I get to be an auntie again and I truly thought our babies days were over. Just another blessing brought into our lives since we all got sober.

1.) Babies

2.) Me not waking up every night with this one 😏😉

3.) Clean sheets

4.) Coconut water

5.) A long hot shower

6.) Seeing the growth in my clients

7.) Being the little spoon 😳😉

8.) Elise Corinne 💗💗

9.) My wife

10.) My family...+1!!!

I asked if they preferred a boy or girl and she said either way, her and her husband are so happy. My nephew has been googling baby names and I cannot wait to see my new niece or nephew (shooting for twins), and hold a little piece of heaven all over again.

Yours Truly,


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