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Let's Toss Some Discs

With the 22nd of July only hours away, the anticipation, and excitement, of 217 Recovery's Disc Golf event is building. With that...I'd like to invite anyone and everyone out to Hickory Hills in Traverse City Michigan tomorrow(Saturday, July 22nd). We'll be starting at 12 pm and tossing discs in the woods till 5 pm. Get there by 3:30 pm to enter one of our giveaways or hear an onsite podcast in progress. See how the podcasting legend Mr. Winfield himself uses the interwebs to reach people in recovery across the country.

This event is a great opportunity to step out of your box of daily routine and indulge in some much-needed self-care. Something I've personally been valuing more and more as I progress through the journey of recovery, and life itself. You'll be able to spend some time out in the trees, enjoy the fresh air, and maybe even meet a new friend or two.

I am keeping it brief today. But, I really hope to see you on the hill tomorrow, or today...depending on when you read this lol. Oh, and don't worry about having discs or not. We'll have loaners for anyone that wants to try out something new but doesn't have discs.

I'd like to take a quick second to thank the rest of the crew at 217 Recovery for supporting the event, specifically Corey and Marney for making it possible for all of us.

Lace up your hiking shoes, meet us on the hill, and have a *fabulous* weekend everyone!


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