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Let’s all go swimming naked!

I'm having an issue brainstorming today. I'm trying to brainstorm an event, something fun to do with people in the recovery community. It's definitely harder than it sounds. I thought up a rock-hunting outing, the idea got scalped right out of the box. It's now a thing running smoothly elsewhere. And that's fine..I'm fine... 1.) I'm happy they're being successful and B.) No, Jeremy, I'm not being resentful...just trying to write a blog...

Anyways. I also thought up a sky-gazing outing. More specifically a night sky gazing outing. Get together with some like-minded peeps and go looking into the stars, searching through the cosmos over our heads. Maybe see a shooting star or the milky way. Star Link could drift by or maybe even an alien abduction..Who knows the possibilities, it sounds fun. But then we get to thinking, a lot of people in the community can't be out late, for one reason or another. Be it work or recovery related. There seems to always be something.

So I'm currently shootin' blanks(in the ideas department). If anyone has any ideas of something we can put together to get the recovery community out having fun together, drop me a lin...Wait, I've got it...

Let’s all go swimming naked!

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