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Living outside of the box, or what is “normal” (I don’t compute?) is what I do daily; some days I step inches from the parameters of safety, allowing fear to quickly pull me back inside society’s limited cubicle. Others, I wander bravely, every ounce of me trusting in the Lord to guide my actions, thoughts, and words; and use me as his conduit to better serve his people. Fear of judgement, self doubt, failure, maybe even succeeding...I am fully aware, that it is I, that limits myself when these unhealthy fears fuel and drive my day. To let go with complete abandon; once I began to utilize my awareness that I am holding on to tension, confusion, and ideas that simply just don’t work anymore? That is when the brokenness inside of me began to heal, and start the lustrous transformation into beautiful. There was a day I would have scoffed at the idea I, Anna Drevitch, a shit show drunk, would be married to her soulmate, working as a case manager at a residential rehab, (with women???), and this Floridian born heat seeker, now resides in the U.P. Blind faith, raw honesty, and doing the next right thing by helping others, staying out of my head, and more importantly, truly helping myself. Failure is simply, not an option.

  1. Choices

  2. Perseverance

  3. Blind faith

  4. Hope

  5. God moments

  6. My daughter’s laughter

  7. Unconditional love

  8. Elise Corinne, my greatest accomplishment and keeper of my heart

  9. My wife, the other keeper of my heart

  10. My mother, the woman who instilled my heart and infinite capacity to love

Sometimes life will give you lemons, sometimes life will dump the whole damn farm in your front yard, (or hefty bag); it’s what you do with those damn lemons that will determine your future. Let them rot and allow the juices to burn every cut, crevice, and wound you keep open to fester; or change that thinking and make the biggest batch of lemonade to share with your brothers and sisters...we always have a choice.

Yours Truly,


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