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Just Lie That Down Over There.

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Hey everybody! It's been a minute. It's good to be here with you again. I've meant to make a few posts this week and that just hasn't played out the way I intended it to. But things and stuff have been afoot. Before we get into the meat and potatoes of our publication today...I'd like to let you guys know that Eddy hasn't been visiting as much, but I know why... He has a girlfriend now! They stopped by the office to see me this morning and they look very happy together(If you're just tuning in and wonder wth I'm on about..Check out my "Thanks A Lot Corvid" blog).

It's summertime here in Northern Michigan. The brink of Cherry Festival, if you're familiar with the Traverse City metropolitan area. Gibby's fries, the Ferris wheel, more tourists(fudgies) than you can shake a stick at, and(my personal favorite) the airshow...oh, yeah, I guess there are cherries around there, somewhere, too.

But the Thunderbirds(airshow jets) were out practicing today. If you're not familiar, they're a team of military fighter jets that can fly at over 1,300mph and make the pilots experience 13 times the force of gravity. The term "Thunder" is appropriate if you've been around one in flight. they are rather impressive.

The coolest thing, to me, about these earsplitting-metal-birds-of-prey is that they are so fast that the jets themselves outrun their own sound. You'll be at the beach, minding your own business, when a flash of red, white, and blue metal in the sky goes by a few seconds before the earth-shaking rumble knocks you over. If anyone tries to tell you they aren't awesome..they're wrong.

"a flash of red, white, and blue metal in the sky goes by a few seconds before the earth-shaking rumble knocks you over."

When those, soul trembling, flybys happen it can be a bit deceiving to experience that sound differentiation. And that, my friends, is what inspired me to write this today. Well, that and, the fact that I came clean on a deception recently. Something that was bred out of my time in active addiction. Something I never thought was even going to come back around that was securely behind me. It really made me realize that even though I've been sober from illicit substances for almost two and a half years...there are other aspects of recovery you can "relapse" on.

Ever since getting into the recovery lifestyle, being rigorously honest has been a pillar of building and maintaining that whole process. So, when being faced with this past lie I had told, I had a choice to keep the lie going or do the right thing by coming clean. It's a bit shame-inducing to have to admit that..I didn't do the right thing at first. It felt better at the moment to push off the cleansing act of telling the truth. Some people in the recovery community refer to this as "co-signing" your lie. Immediately it started wearing on me and my spiritual life suffered, greatly, causing a very significant energy block. It affected my rest, my inner peace, and more importantly the people around me.

It took a considerable amount of inner strength to face this with the person involved. Fear, shame, control, and other emotions kept me from making the decision I knew I needed to. A few truths revealed themselves in this process I was going through. Firstly, the other person involved deserved the truth and secondly, I wasn't moving forward in my spiritual journey if I left this festering inside of me. Action was required from my Higher Self(as well as with them) and that wasn't karma I wanted to collect. Or needed in my life.(If my terms are triggering to any of my readers..then good. Let's chat about why:

I am blessed in the fact that my Heavenly Father has gifted this person with an understanding heart because they really had every right to be upset with me. I will forever have gratitude for how they handled the situation even after being presented with how I handled them deceptively.

"that wasn't karma I wanted to collect. Or needed in my life."

The moral of this story is the 4th step. Self-awareness, taking your emotional inventory, keeping your morals in a position where you're a safe place for yourself and those around you. I'm not even going to go into where my existence started to travel while I remained in the lower frequency. Things most would label as negative and strongholds for old habits started manifesting back into my life. Without going into deeper details, the feeling of my spirit being freed from the bondage my lie was causing was something I wouldn't trade for the world, and, I'm still shaking off the dark energy that's trying to squeeze its way back into my world.

If I could personally choose a takeaway for you from what I'm sharing, it's these: It takes extreme levels of effort, sometimes, to do the next right thing in your life..BUT, it's so worth it to keep your peace and pace forward. As well as safe from the, many, damages backpedaling can cause. Also...fighter jets are heckin' cool..sorry..I had too ;)

With that, I'd like to say that I appreciate all of you that take the time to step into my journey with me here. It's a long haul and I'd like to consider you all my co-pilots in the process.

I'm signing off for the night. So, to all of you, enjoy your summer. Enjoy the Cherry Festival, if you're one of the crowd-sifting-elephant-ear-lovers I am, or the crowd-dodging-recluses that steer away from our beautiful bustling town during this week of the year. But most of all, enjoy some fun in recovery...or just fun for you normies.. Stay honest ya'll.


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