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Just Do You

Discovering ones true self can be challenging, however it can be one of the most amazing blessings, so fulfilling, and even fun during the process; if you allow it. Here’s the best part, it’s your process! I am NOT one to sit here and tell anyone, “you need to do this, you need to have a sponsor, recovery coach, remain single for at least a year”, so on and so forth. I will tell you, you need to do what is right for you. Allow yourself to fully heal, find your healthy path, your healthy purpose, and your healthy person! Now let’s make this clear, I’m not saying run off with that “soulmate” you met in detox. What I’m saying is, I know myself, and I wasn’t ever going to succeed until I allowed myself to do so (once I got over my ridiculous ego and expectations that were anything but realistic). “Well what does that mean?!?” That means happiness is a choice and it will get easier once we get the F out of our racing thought and get the heck out of our own way. Changing patterns and old behaviors (especially the ones engrained since birth) are fricking hard work! Way harder than learning new ones; and breaking chains. You know, the anchoring steel, rusting stiffer and weighing heavier with each guzzle, push, pinch, or hit. Crippling ourselves with shackles, blaming others for the self created chaos continuously, and furthering our very own destiny to an early grave in Satan’s shackles of self loathing and self harm known as addiction. Set down that damn square you’ve been trying to shove into a circle (blaming other’s, fear of success, fear of failure and uncertainty, and everything else. Reach into your back pocket, pull out the key that you’ve unknowingly held for far too long and unlock those undeserving cuffs once and for all. Take that first deep breath; feel that? And yes you will feel everything because you are clean and sober. But most importantly you’re free! Find what brings you peace, what is it you’re truly passionate about, discover your purpose, and put even half the effort what was once used into finding that next fix to be the best version of self.

1.) Nuggles and yuv yous

2.) God’s grace

3.) Change, the good kind

4.) Self love

5.) Helping others

6.) Gardening

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne, mommy is so proud of you!

9.) My amazing, loving, supportive, and sexy wife

10.) My family

Doing things just for you, to better yourself or a healthy outlet is NOT selfish. You deserve it, you’re worth it, and so am I. Have a blessed night, if you so choose 🥰

Yours truly,


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