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It's all in the name

So I’ve been asked to join the latest activity that rumor has it, has been helpful to those that both write them.. and read them. Yes, I am joining the blog train.

And why not? I mean think about it. It is the perfect opportunity to make yourself accountable to actually capture all those “ah-ha” moments that we let slip away into the abyss of unrecognized brilliance. Things we think of that sometimes we ourselves don’t even process until we actually write it down.

Things we experience, people we meet that touch us, the advice we’ve gotten-- or taken, places we went, jokes we’ve made, the food we’ve tried, memories that creep back into our consciousness for some weird reason, longing for and forcing us to revisit them. Godly interventions we need to share, acknowledging thoughts that happen so fast that only the deadline of a blog and the idea that somebody else will have a response to it at another moment in time... makes me document it. Well then, hell ya I’ll do a blog... Challenge accepted. The majority of what I will write about will most likely center around recovery from substance abuse, namely alcoholism for myself, which is what I was a prisoner of for more years than I care to count at the moment. However, who knows what emotional doors this blog will open up for me? The unfamiliar territory has become a not so unfamiliar thing for me, and hence, not so scary these days.

So there I was... a shotgun response of agreement to do a blog. But let me explain..... because I am certain you will agree that you wouldn't have said no either.

This response was given in the wee hours of a Tuesday morning. The sun barely breaking through my newly-purchased window curtains. Just having woken up underneath clean, warm blankets, separated from my body by a cool sheet, preluded with sweet kisses and a soft voice from my wonderful boyfriend. I mean... c'mon!

But everything happens just as they are supposed to...(I promise you, I will talk about that a lot). So now after being seduced into this additional commitment; a name for my blog? Something catchy, right? Something meaningful. Something that covers it all... I had nothing.

Then all of a sudden it came it me.... what I am naming my blog is a line we have all used, myself included, probably since we could put a stamp on an envelope... never knowing what it actually meant. But we used it anyway.

In Latin, an abbreviation literally meaning “written after.” It’s an afterthought.... an afterthought that most certainly had an importance that should have been included in the text or in the written words above, but we embarrassingly and unintentionally forgot to ACTUALLY write it. Maybe because it is such a powerful and blanketing thought or feeling that it should just be assumed by the reader, or readers--and therefore it escapes us to physically type it. An additional thought that has been added to the end of letters and documents for ages, that comes after you have completed it. Postscript.

So with this title, I will always touch on this afterthought even before you have read the content awaiting... of the thoughts in my head for that day or that week having to do with my recovery, and just life in general. Because every day, I truly mean those words.

That being said, with my first official blog... I am signing off.


P.S. I’m grateful.

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