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Infinite Worth

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

We all have infinite worth, however we show people how to treat us. If Im no good to me, why should you have to be? Then you meet one of the “incredibles”, as I call them. And no not the cartoons 😏 the people that see your soul, and hear the brokenness in the beats of your heart. They look you in your eyes, because that’s what respectful humans do. But even more they look into your eyes as a way to identify their tribe and establish that non verbal connection that you and I speak so well. It’s the language of love, again, I’m not making a reference to a book! The language of peace, and the language of letting go and finally being freed from that mother f’n bondage of self!!! These are the wingless angels that walk this earth, these are the people I surround myself with today, and these are the unconditional loving tribe I call recovered.

I used to think I was a victim, I also used to think I was truly not worth loving. I’d hide the darkness deep in pockets I’m still mending today, however, I know now I am worthy of love, respect, kindness, and so much

more. As are each and everyone of you; know your worth, surround yourself with those that want nothing more than to see you whole and happy. It may not be easy at first; but it’s worth it. 1.) Compassion

2.) Patience

3.) Peace

4.) Letting go

5.) Allowing yourself to be loved

6.) Loving yourself

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne

9.) My wife

10.) Friends and family

Sometimes it just takes one person to show you they care, without an agenda, that your smile is all they truly want in return. Your company, is the only thing they ask of you, and most importantly, for you to see your own worth. Be kind, be peaceful, be you, and be happy ❤️ Yours truly,


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