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In The Feels

Feelings, I know! You’re just as excited to talk about them as anyone else is right?? Feelings aren’t facts, however deserve validation. Validating someone even when you do not necessarily agree with their thoughts or beliefs is a “not so” common courtesy that could and would save a lot of arguments or dare I say it? Hurt feelings, and I know it is empowering to be able to truly believe and follow through with, “No one can make me feel a certain way, it is up to me to decide how I feel”. Words do hold power, and depending on the nature of the relationship with that individual, the power will vary. For instance, the mailman says, “New car? I liked your old one better”, and continues on his route. Ok, so to each their own; your spouse walks in from work and you just had your hair done significantly different, “New hairdo? I liked your old one better.” And walks right past you to the fridge or television. I’m almost certain the second scenario will sting a little bit more. Sometimes we experience these feelings and struggle to identify what they truly are or mean, where they stem from, and if this is in early recovery. Oh boy, your feeling these emotions that were masked with years of numbing, running, hiding, and avoiding. This too will get better with patience, hard work, and time. I assure you returning to that person, substance, or whatever it was that drained every ounce of attention, energy, money, and time will only harm you and your loved ones and potentially end your life. Please don’t don’t do that, there is light at the end of the tunnel if you are truly looking.

1.) Christmas Cookies

2.) Watching your loved ones open their gifts

3.) Christmas music, in moderation

4.) Surrendering to win (at life)

5.) Patience

6.) Snowball fights

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne ❤️🎁🎄 Merry Christmas my beautiful baby bunny 🐰

9.) Jamie, my gorgeous and devoted wife (get that holiday pay boo!)

10.) Family and friends; those special people who owe you nothing but love you anyways

The good news is, you get your feelings back, the bad news is, you get your feelings back. Things can be very overwhelming, especially holidays, even more so if this is your first one sober. Breathe, get through this one and there will be plenty more, God willing. Pick up the phone, I promise you there are people that care about each and every one of you. Read a book, write a poem or your thoughts and feelings, and if all else fails. If you are a believer in the Lord, pray and your knees the next time you pray. It is a game changer, and if you’re not a believer in the Lord. Try something that soothes your soul, a guided meditation, tighten every muscle group in your body and release one by one, and you can try this too no matter what your religious stand point may be. To all those traveling, safe arrivals, to everyone, enjoy your family, your friends, your food, and Merry Christmas. And if no one has told you they love you today, I love you, and I always will! Yours truly,


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