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I'm so excited to see the Barbie movie!

This week kicked off the latest idea from our fearless leader here at 217, and I have to say, Corey has once again shown his genius motivational skills and ability to show he truly understands the people that surround him. He gave a small list of topics to choose from for a blog topic and we each had to pick one to write about, but once we had, that topic was off the table. Not surprisingly, public defecation was swept right out from under me, but luckily, another topic seemed to be calling to me because of all the buzz I was hearing about it around the office.

Barbie. Apparently, a couple of the guys decided to check out the flick without inviting the rest of us. "Missing" emails are starting to become a common thing around here between fellow employees or something. I'm not too worried about that BUT, Mitchell and Jeremy wouldn't shut up about how amazing the movie was. I think the word transformational was used... Anyway, solely based on those boys' reviews, Justin and I are convinced it's a must-see. We might even let our daughters come with us.

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