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I'm Back

Ok, so I took a few weeks off from writing my blog. I'll be honest, the first week I forgot and last week I felt too lazy. Those aren't good excuses but, that's all I got. I've been very busy with 217 Recovery lately and I'm sure we'll be able to talk more about it very soon. We are planning a few drives that will help people in early recovery and we won't be able to do it without you, stay tuned for that. I do want to say how much you reading this blog, Broken to Beautiful, Discovering Recovery, Spiritual Asylum, and P.S. I'm Grateful means to all of us. The time we spend to pour out our feelings is all for us. But, the fact that one person could read what we were feeling at that moment and take something that might help keep them sober one more day, that means a lot to us. Without support from you, we wouldn't be able to make our dreams come true and I don't think I thank you enough. So, when we meet and I say thank you, please know that I mean it.

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