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I demand change

Another Monday and another week where someone reached out to me for help. This time it was a woman, who's a loving sister wanting to find help for her brother. Her brother was living every moment chasing his addiction, but that life has left him exhausted and he was finally reaching out for help. He confessed to his sister and told her the truth about his substance use. His sister, who has never dealt with a substance use disorder, was in for a treat. She was about to learn how frustrating it can be when seeking help. She was told to have him go to the hospital by the outpatient service provider he uses. For us seasoned vets, we might have just laughed out loud while reading the advice that she was given. As we know what he's going to be told by the ER... and was told, "We're not detox and we're not a rehab, go home". The energy he spent spilling his deep dark secrets to the admitting department, the nurses, and then probably again to the doctor was all for not, as he was just told to go home. Being treated this way is one of the most helpless, discouraging, demoralizing, and frustrating times for a person, a person who's already at their lowest point and who's just wanting their life back. Because of a few bad choices, they're treated like garbage, unwanted, and not worthy of help. This infuriates me and I think it's time we open places where people can go as they wait to be taken to detox and treatment. There's enough money from the state to go around, trust me. For starters, Michigan (my home state) charges a liquor tax. Can you tell me how that's being spent? Let's start holding the people in our Capital buildings accountable. Let's ask how much money was used from the tax to put up billboards telling people not to drink and drive. The amount they spent would probably leave you floored, and to think it could've been spent opening centers where people can go to begin the process of obtaining treatment services. Something I personally think is much more productive and efficient. Check our website in the next coming days and weeks for a link where you can demand accountability from those in office. Common sense isn't so common, but for those of us who have it, it's time to step up to the plate. I'll be damned if I just sit back and let my future children, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces be put through this same bullshit when I know we can do something about it now. Too many people are in positions of power who look at addiction treatment as a job or a problem. Those people need to step down, get out of our way, or get on our level. This is life or death for so many, and I'm tired of death. Join us and be a part of something great!

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