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How My Life Is Like Chasing Around Susan

So many of you know we at 217 Recovery Center have a pet. She first came to us as a free-spirited mouse. Corey and Mitch screamed like little girls when they first saw her. They cornered her in Adam and mine's office to try and catch her. When I got back from doing a ride, I caught her in a trash can with the help of transfer tape. Corey said we should give her a second chance at life. Just like we had gotten when we decided to get sober. So he went out and bought her a new home to live in. After a couple of weeks, it was time to clean her cage.

I started to clean her cage. One handful at a time, I threw her bedding away. Mitch washed her wheel and food bowl. I got out all the bedding but, there was still some poop in her cage. Mitch grabbed the vacuum to suck the rest of the poop out. As he was doing this I grabbed Susan and began to hold her. In a matter of seconds, she took a jump of faith. At that moment I was for sure fired if I could not catch her. She must have thought it was great to be free at last. My poor heart was like what have I done?

I chased her around like I used to chase dragons. I finally corner her in your little kitchen at work. She had no place to hide besides under the refrigerator. Thankful that it was easy to be moved. I was then able to find her again. When I caught her with my bare hands. I was like so thankful to have her back. I then put her in the cage with fresh bedding.

The moral of this story is when people try to help you it's okay to feel scared like you just want to run away. Cause we as addicts never have felt that everything is going to be okay. Sometimes change is for the better even if we don't want to do it. I learned that when I went to treatment for the only time ever. I had to learn to be comfortable with change. Even if I was scared. Glad I was cause I wouldn't be where I am today if I just followed the same steps as I'm used to walking in. I had to break those habits cause they were going to kill me. Today I find myself filled with gratitude and blessed to be alive. Thankful for the people who tried to show me a new way to live.


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Mitchell O'Brien
Mitchell O'Brien
Nov 20, 2023
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Corey Winfield
Corey Winfield
Nov 20, 2023
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