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Hire a Professional

Oh boy, not sure this would've been on my list of things to accomplish last week. It would've been on my list of things I would've like to avoid. MOVING!! My advice as you can tell by the title of this blog, "hire a professional" and you'll save yourself physical, emotional, and mental pain. But, when people are counting on you, it's important to do what you can to come through. I'm not even close to the best guy to call to help you move, and that's my opinion of my moving skills. Other people might just want me around because I'm good company, I can drive, I keep the mood light in stressful times. I didn't really give my word that I'd help my girlfriend's mother move but as her boyfriend, I want to be there for her and show her the support she'd show my family and me if the roles were reversed. She, of course, does a much better job at this type of work than I do, but I did show up two days in a row to help with my limited ability and that's something I wouldn't have done during my past life.

I received bad news during the move today and I was quite withdrawn and the funk of my mood started to creep out of me. I told my friend Tyrone that I can't let this news bring be down and poison everybody else. I don't think I infected anyone with the Corey-20 but, I could tell they knew something was wrong. I'm so confused sometimes on what God has planned for me and this amazing journey I'm on and I just need to keep praying, believing, and I must not stop or give up on my plans and dreams. I've stopped short before and am getting the sense that this is a pivotal time for me and to not lose focus of what the goals are.

This week

1. Fix brakes

2. Set up computer

3. Write a business plan for 217 Recovery Rides

4. Make 217 Recovery promotional flyers and mail them to specific places

5. Make interview schedule and place in on 217 Recovery's Website

Keeping a list can be one of the best things you can do when feeling overwhelmed. I suggest if you feel that way, give it a try!


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