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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

You noticed the poor grammar, I know you did. Welcome back. I'm going to start off our time together today with a heartfelt apology. Why you may ask? It's really only a thing to me, but, I said in my first blog last week(at least I think I did) that my goal was to blog with you guys every day last week. Well, every day after we got the ability to blog sounds cooler than it really was. Regardless, I failed you and me. Cutting the week two blogs short. I have a, semi, good(ish) reaso..err, excus..well I'm calling it a reason. My second least favorite c-word...Covid. Yep, I caught the vid and got kicked out of work for a few days. What no one knows, is it's all a part of my elaborate plan to get my boss to run my meeting on Saturday(queue evil laughter here). No really though, I was bummed I couldn't be here for it, I actually had a surprise planned. We'll have to see if I can orchestrate it one of these upcoming Saturdays. No spoilers though, ya'll will have to show up to find out.

Any-hoozle, I didn't really have any idea of what to blog about today, other than being sorry for not blogging those other days. So I'm having fun with the fact that the title, body, and preview pictures aren't going to make any sense together. Which in a twisted way makes me happy(sorry, not really). We call it having fun in recovery here at 217, I call it enjoying my fall into my joy-induced madness. Which I think got pushed a bit further by my third and most recent bout of the ole Covid-19. Wait, are we still on 19? I feel like we should have upgraded by now. Covid-42 would really kick the conspiracy homies in the pants and get you thinking about ultimate questions, the universe, and everything. Hmm, if ya don't know, ya don't know.

In the spirit of keeping things random(are you having as much fun as I am??) a friend of mine started a cleaning business recently, hit me up if you need the help :D watch for a flyer to drop on that soon. OH! This reminds me, I'll have a flyer out about our Peer Recovery Coaching here at the 217 Recovery Center in the next day or so. In time for the Grand opening on Thursday anyways.

I'll keep this short n' sweet. I do appreciate you clicking in to divulge the ramblings of a covid-recovering-madman, I really feel we knocked a few walls down and got to each other better. I'm on my way to Costco. I'll see ya'll in a day or two. Stay golden homies, and remember to have fun in recovery.


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