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Hard Truth’s

Sometimes it takes a good hard truth to open ones eyes to see just how good we have it.

I’m guilty of a lot of things, being lazy, negative, eating too much, being overly emotional, I’m sure you get the idea. A good friend will laugh with you through the silly times, a better friend will cry with you through the sadness; the best kind of friend will sit you down to tell you when you are wrong, and be there when it’s time to face the hardest of truths. I was conversating with a dear friend, the last that I named kind of friend yesterday, and some hard realizations were stirred up. She let me know where I was wrong and how she still loved me and what works for her in these moments. She was patient and she was kind, and she so eloquently walked me through some of her personal journeys, and spiritual awakenings. I truly know and believe she has always, including yesterday, speaks to me with honesty, kindness, and above all; unconditional love.

1.) The most honest of friends

2.) Accepting when I’m wrong

3.) Letting go of guilt

4.) Learning from it all

5.) Loving deeper from it all

6.) That deep sigh after a good cry

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne, my first true love

9.) Jamie Lynn, my devoted wife

10.) Family, given and chosen

Life is a series of lessons, blessings, defining moments, and choices. At the drop of a hat this could all change for better or worse and in the blink of an eye, gone. Today I chose love, light, joyfulness, and freedom. And if no one has told you that they love you today, I love you.

Yours truly,


Hard Truth’s

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