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Gratitude and Appreciation

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Even in all this chaos I still want to take a minute and say I am grateful for so many things. The ability to make clear minded decisions and have a warm clean home with a hard working wife to go to bed next to, after a day of work because we both still have full time jobs. She works in the er, and even though it terrifies me, I couldn’t be prouder of the woman I married and her dedication to helping those in need, especially at a time like this.

1.) Compassion

2.) Appreciation

3.) Gratitude

4.) Grace

5.) The will to change

6.) Nurses

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne ❤️❤️

9.) My wife 💕💕

10.) Getting to talk to my grandmother tonight 🥰

I called my Grandmother who lives in a Christian living in Pittsburgh and it made her night. She said she was lonely but managing and my Aunt Sherry, God bless her, makes sure grandma is taken care of. It’s the little things like hearing your grandmother’s voice say “I’m so proud of you and I’m scared, but I know you are doing well and helping others, just like I prayed so many nights for.” 🥰🥰

Yours truly,


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