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Filling My Love Tank

This weekend, my wife, stepchildren, and I went downstate to spend time with my daughter and family. This was the first time Kameron and Larkin (wife’s kids) met Elise (my daughter). For those that follow my blog or know me personally, are well aware that Elise is my everything and how much I hurt not being with her every day due to my active drinking days. She is also autistic, and is having hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions daily. (Which is helping immensely with her verbal social skills)

I honestly could not have asked for a more pleasant visit, Elise had the time of her life playing with the kids. She really took to Kameron, the first night, she followed him around, sat how he sat, crossed her hands when he crossed his hands, and smiled our entire visit there. The next day, we all celebrated Larkin’s 11th birthday (which is today), and my mom, sister, and new nephew Quentin came for the party as well! Elise loved on her new baby cousin “Q”, jumped on her trampoline with the kids and I, and took turns riding her scooter with the birthday girl. Kameron played whatever Elise wanted to, smirked when she nonchalantly stole his moon sand; she even tried to plant a big smooch on him at the end. I’d say it’s safe to say, our little blended family truly enjoyed getting to know one another. It is wonderful that my dad and his wife had no issue opening their home to my still somewhat new family, even if they don’t agree with my lifestyle, letting go of the judgement piece was a huge step. Inviting my mother, (obviously my dad‘s ex wife) with open arms, and the joy a new bambino brings (Kameron looked at me as he was holding Quentin and asked, “Can we have one please?”) Alcoholism destroyed every ounce of trust, most of the respect, and all of the pride my family had in me at one point. However, Saturday, as I celebrate 20 months of sobriety, a little over 10 months of marital bliss, and my step daughter‘s birthday, I’d say, all of those things and ideas are quickly becoming “a thing” of the past. And now, we, I, us, are creating new ones, laying down the foundation of what my life is supposed to look like, and building stronger bonds that will be stronger and more resilient than ever. Just as God has always intended. 1.) Family (given and chosen)

2.) Patience (God help me with this one!)

3.) Genuine embraces

4.) Hugs and kisses

5.) A mother and child’s bond

6.) Forgiveness

7.) Unconditional love

8.) Elise Corinne, the most beautiful gift God had granted me, along with sobriety

9.) Jamie Lynn, my loving and devoted wife. The lengths she goes to for my happiness, and the sacrifices she makes daily for her children, myself, and the ones close to her. 10.) My family, it’s been a bumpy road, but I truly think we’ve began our journey on this freshly repacked path that is my life. Next month Kam and I will be heading back for a long weekend, he may be a 13 year old young man, but he’s honestly one of my best friends. And I truly would not want it any other way! Happy birthday Larkin, 11 is a big deal, and I honestly can say, God has blessed me with 3 beautiful children to help guide into adulthood, and 2 handsome little dudes to be an auntie to! Love You Elise, Kameron, Larkin, Jaxson, and baby Maragret, oops, just kidding (inside joke) baby Quentin. And, if no one has told you they love you today...I most definitely love you!

Yours truly,


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